Los Santos  |  Costa Rica Filter

Los Santos | Costa Rica Filter

From the Los Santos Mill in Santa Maria.

For double washed coffee 100% of the mucilage is removed in a two stage fermentation process. During the first stage, the pulped coffee is submerged in water for 24hours. In this stage the temperature and PH are constantly monitored until the coffee reaches a level between 4 and 5 PH. The coffee is then washed in fresh water to remove any remaining mucilage before the second stage of fermentation begins; a 12hr wet submersion in fresh spring water. 

The coffee is then sorted and classified before being taken to raised beds for the first stage of drying. The coffee remains here for 6 days, gently removing the bulk of the moisture before being transferred to mechanical driers for another 4 days, where the coffee is rested at low temperatures until it reaches the desired level of humidity before warehousing.

Farm: Santuario Project
Origin: Costa Rica
Varietal: Caturra / Catuai
Process: Double Washed

Notes:  Green Apple, Pear, Nectarine


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