Sustainability X Design

Sustainability X Design

We have been working towards a more sustainable solution for our packaging so it seemed like as good a time as ever to introduce a different approach to the way we tell the coffee story. Sustainability is something we want to understand and feel like we're getting right and the design of the labels themselves are an attempt to better tell the story of the coffee; it's flavour and it's producer.

The design is simple and was created with the everyday coffee drinker in mind. A lot of the time when we're choosing coffee we want to know the tasting notes and the origin to determine if we will enjoy the flavour. We kept this in mind and made it easy to find this info on the front whilst keeping our coffee nerds happy with the farm, origin and process info on the back.

Our retail bags are completely recyclable and done by Queensland based company 'Eco-Barista', who are also responsible for the bio-degradable + compostable cups we have introduced.

As part of our in-house sustainability plan we will be using reusable tins for our wholesale customers and at our store Flinders Lane have cardboard reusable + refillable cylinders for retail purchase.

Good coffee is more than just good flavour.